Research and Development

Our continued focus on R&D will be adapted to the farmer’s requirements, both in the available rootstock range in the market and the right combinations (compatibility) on the rootstocks and scions.

  • Grafting of vegetable young plants requires precision and care. Delicate seedlings require near perfect conditions and treatment.
  • The tissues of the vegetable plants are soft and demand special care for the grafting operation and special grafting techniques, which are specific for the different grafting combination, so our significant know-how is required.
  • The healing needs of vegetable plants are very special and require precise conditions: the perfect temperature, humidity and light. We have been developing different structures where it is possible to achieve this.
  • Soft tissue plants are also more sensitive to diseases. We have been developing specialized systems, tools and procedures to manage this key issue.
  • It's possible to use a lot of different rootstock/scion combinations, depending on the varieties you want to grow, the season of transplanting, and the goal we want to achieve (taste, size, disease tolerance, etc). We have the knowledge and experience for suggesting the right combinations.
  • Most of the plants we are working with have high genetic technology inside, as a result of crossings and selections. Our aim is to add, by grafting, in a natural way, the desired characteristics that are not present in the plants, such as disease tolerance, size, and taste.
  • The process of growing vegetables can be unforgiving. We offer end-to-end consultation from selecting the right grafting combinations through the successful growing of grafted plants.

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